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Walter 601E – SN# 913008
AVIA Propeller 3-bladed – SN# 840662986 Avionics/Radios:
PMA7000B – PS Engineering Audio Panel
GNS530 – Garmin GPS/COM/NAV/Moving Map
SL30 – Garmin Slimline COM
GTX327 – Garmin Transponder Mode C
GI106A – Garmin VOR Indicator with Glide Slope
9900BX – Ryan TCAD System
DFC-300 – Trutrak Digital Autopilot System w/ Yaw Damper
Upgrade DSB-HB – Trutrak Digital High Torque Roll Servo
DSB-BC – Trutrak Yaw Servo
Autotrim – Trutrak Auto Pitch Trim Module
System 3 Pro (S3P) – Chelton Sierra IDU-3 EFIS System
B746 – UI True Airspeed Indicator
A609 – UI Altimeter (lit)
4300-411 – Mid Continent Artificial Horizon
1394T100-3Z – Mid Continent Turn Coordinator (lit)
MD200-306 – UPS VOR Indicator with Glide Slope
J66 – Lancair Cabin Pressure Differential w/light
CPC – Lancair/Dukes Pressure Controller
Navigator – SIRS Glare Shield Mount Compass Additional Equipment:
Sandia Mode C Altitude Encoder
Light/Dimmer Controller
Alpine Remote Bass Knob
Alpine 6-Disk Changer
Alpine Changer/Receiver
Alpine Tuner Module
XM Antenna
Klixon Circuit Breakers
Cooling Fan
Engraved Rocker Switches
Mini Toggle Switch
Glareshield Mount Light Bar
Auxilary Power Port
Master Warning System
Lancair Trim Indicator
DC-DC Converter
Cabin Pressure Alarm
Infinity Stick Grips Pilot/Co-pilot
CO Guardian Carbon Monoxide
Remote Circuit Breaker Panel
Baggage Door Lockable
Main Door Lockable
Fuel Caps Lockable
Pitot Tube Heated
Tow Bar Exterior:
External Lighting Wing Tip/Tail Position & Strobe Lights.
Tie Down Kit (contains 3 aircraft attach fittings) Interior:
Jim Griffin Interior (show quality interior). Leather/Fabric upholstery throughout with various built pockets, custom sculptured side panels.

Gear lights x 3 Greens and 2 Red for Main Gear Doors
Inertia reels for front shoulder seat belt both sides
Emergency Hydraulic Pump Handle
Dual Brakes & Rudder Pedals
Baggage Door Light on Panel
Emergency Oxygen System
Main Door Seal Automatic
Overhead Cabin lights x 2
3 Axis Electric Trim
Throttle Quadrant
Air Conditioning